What Are Electrical Hazard Safety Boots?

Metal-free safety boots are one thing, but safety boots that protect wearers against electrical risks of 18KV are another.  These are classed as Electrical Hazard Safety Boots. For a workforce that is regularly close to rail, cabling and wiring and indeed, electrical equipment and machinery, you need Electrical Hazard Safety Boots that exceed EN and…


Responsible Mining Index – Safety Footwear for Miners

A new Responsible Mining Index highlights gaps in industry transparency and execution of policies, according to mining.com.

 The Responsible Mining Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in the Netherlands, recently produced a report that studies a large percentage of the mining industry and revealed that many mining companies do not always enforce their own policies around…


Ladies Safety Footwear Gets Even Better

Women certainly shouldn’t monkey around with safety, wearing the nearest male safety footwear size in the hope that they protect their feet effectively from hazards. That’s bananas! Rock Fall’s superb Vixen range of women’s safety boots, shoes and trainers reaches new heights, with fantastic, stylish new models now available – Designed using female lasts i.e.…